Wireless Mode

No need to connect any cables, simply drop off your phone and the Jeda Wireless Pad V2 will start charging — wirelessly. The Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger can charge between 7.5W when connected to the front USB ports, or up to 15W when connected to the 12v power socket. Our Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger is the only wireless charging pad to provide wired charging, fast charging, and landscape charging functionalities.

New product launch!

We just launched a new product, the Jeda USB Hub, a USB Hub for the Tesla Model 3.

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Portrait & Landscape

The Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger has been designed to charge your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. If you want to use your phone for Google Maps or Waze, you can do so horizontally.

Perfect Grip

The top and bottom surface of the Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger are made using premium quality TPE. The integrated ridge located on the top surface will make sure your phone won’t slide around while driving, and stays firmly in place.

Independent Wires

Included with the Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charging kit are two microUSB cables. The Jeda Wireless Pad is compatible with one cable (for single-sided use) or both cables (for dual-sided use.) The cables are independent from the charger, which allows you to make use of the 12V (fast charging) power socket located under the armrest.

Wired Charging Compatible

Our unique design makes the Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger compatible with non-Qi devices. If you would like to keep one side of the Model 3 Phone Charging Pad wired if your passenger doesn’t have a Qi-compatible phone, you can do so. In order to use the wired dock, a Jeda Spacer (Tesla Model 3 spacer) is necessary.*


Charging 7.5W-15W Non-slip TPE rubber Cable Length: 7.8 inches / 20cm Power Source: 5-12V Height: 6.5 in /165 mm Length: 0.2 in /6 mm Width: 5.9 in /150 mm Weight: 4.37 oz /124 g

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*In order to use a wired connection with the Jeda Wireless Pad, a Jeda spacer is required. Some third party spacers are available but their compatibility has not been tested.