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The Tesla Center Console Organizer is designed to store and organize your belongings and devices, with some added perks and security features. From your Tesla charging adapter, and sunglasses, to Airpods and the Apple Watch — the Tesla Console Tray safely stores and charges all of your items in a sleek two-tiered organizational system. Designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Y*.

First gen consoles – pre 2021*

Two levels of storage

Hidden compartment

Keep your valuables safe in your Tesla with secure storage. The Tesla Center Console Tray has a unique form factor which maximizes the space in your center console effectively thanks to its 1 inch thick design. As a result, it sits at the mid-way point in your center console area creating a secure space below perfect for objects that you don’t want easily seen.

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Apple Watch

& Airpod Charging

The only Tesla accessory to provide Apple Watch Charging and Airpod charging. Designed specifically with integrated charging points to ensure your devices are always charged up and ready to use. The Jeda Tray is compatible with both Apple and non-Apple devices. In addition, a smooth silicone surface provides the ultimate equipment protection for your belongings.

Jeda USB Hub

Jeda USB Hub compatible

The Tesla Center Console Tray can be used with or without our Model 3 USB Hub or Model Y USB Hub. A magnetic cable is included that aligns perfectly with the first USB-C port on the Jeda Hub but it can also be used with a regular USB-C cable.


The Jeda Console Organizer tray is compatible with the Tesla Model 3 and Y and integrates directly into the console area to provide a space for organizing.

Easy installation

Place the Tesla model 3 console organizer in the middle of the center console and press on the corners to secure it in place. The Jeda Tray is also compatible with top-loaded console organizers as well.



Anodized aluminum frame.

Magnetic USB-C cable

Power Source: 2.5-5W

Height: 6.5 in /165 mm Length: 0.2 in /6 mm Width: 5.9 in /150 mm Weight: 4.37 oz /124 g

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The Jeda Tray (Tesla Model 3 and Y Center Console Organizer Tray) is an aftermarket accessory designed to hold cables, charge an Apple Watch, Airpods, organize your Tesla console, and add security. As featured on Tesla Owners Online and Drive Tesla Canada.