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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Wireless Charger.

This is our fourth gen wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3 and Y and it’s fully loaded with all the features you’d want in a wireless charger. The Tesla Wireless Charger features the largest charging area to accommodate all phone sizes, fast-charging capabilities, portrait and landscape charging options, a wired charging accessory for cable-charging, MagSafe* magnets and a premium Alcantara finish. Compatible with the iPhone 12 and 13 series.

MagSafe Compatible

The Model 3 and Y Wireless Charger is the only one equipped with MagSafe magnets, which align your iPhone perfectly to allow for a quick connection and more efficient charging. From an iPhone 12/13 mini to an iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, you won’t have to worry about alignment issues thanks to a reliable magnetic connection.


Jeda Wireless Pad - Android

Jeda Wireless Pad - iOS

Other chargers

5v 3A

5v 1A

Alcantara finish

The Jeda Wireless Pad v4 uses premium Alcantara fabric that is durable, long lasting, scratch-resistant, and prevents signs of wear over time. The material is identical to the finish which now comes stock in 2021 Model 3 and Y center consoles.

Portrait & landscape

The Tesla Model 3 and Y Wireless Phone Charger has been designed to charge your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. If you want to use your phone for Google Maps, Waze, or YouTube – you can do so horizontally. The only wireless charger with magnets for MagSafe that connect magnetically to your iPhone 12 and 13.


Wired Charging Compatible

Wireless and Wired

Most wireless chargers limit you to only Qi charging. The Jeda Wireless Pad V4 is the only charger which provides a wired charging option which works with the OEM Tesla cables, thanks to the Jeda Spacer* which comes free with your Jeda Wireless Pad purchase. This is perfect for non-Qi devices, those who enjoy wireless and wired charging, and similarly when you want a fast wired connection.

Independent Cables

Included with the Tesla Model 3 and Y Wireless Charger are three removable micro USB cables, and a Jeda Spacer. Two cables feature a Micro USB to USB A connection, and one features a Micro USB to USB C connection. You can plug Jeda Wireless Pad V4 directly into your Tesla, or use it with our Model 3 USB Hub or Model Y USB Hub. For the fastest charging speeds, you can replace the cables and connect the charger to the 12v socket in your Tesla.


Charging 7.5W-15W

Non-slip Alcantara

Cable Length: 7.8 inches / 20cm

Power Source: 5-12V

Weight: 4.37 oz /124 g

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The Jeda Spacer is included in your order when buying a Jeda Wireless Pad. For a wired connection however, the L shaped stock cables from Tesla are required.

Magsafe magnets allow for MagSafe devices and cases to magnetically attach to the pad. MagSafe compatibility does not enable “fast charging” to iOS devices. Android phones are unaffected by the MagSafe compatible features.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Wireless Charger is the best aftermarket phone charger for your Tesla. As featured on Electrek, Inside EV’s, Clean Technica, Digital Trends and more.