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Model 3 and Model Y Wireless Phone Charging

The Jeda Wireless Pad V3 is the fastest charger on the market, which also provides landscape charging, extra clearance, and enhanced grip. Our Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger and Model Y Wireless Charger is capable of charging your phone at max speeds.

Increased charging area

From Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to iPhone 12 mini

Whether you have a large phone or a small phone – the Jeda Wireless Pad V3 has got you covered. Our enhanced PCB electronics and updated design offer more charging range, speed, and surface area for every phone make and model ensuring a solid and trusted connection every time. Compatible with the new iPhone 12’s, Pixels, and Androids.

Samsung S20 Ultra

Samsung Note 10+

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Google Pixel 4/4XL

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

Portrait, Landscape

Wireless or Wired.

The Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger and Model Y Wireless Charger has been designed to charge your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. If you want to use your phone for Google Maps, Waze, or Youtube — you can do so horizontally.


Wired Charging Compatible

The Jeda Wireless Pad V3 is the only charger which provides an OEM wired charging option, perfect for non-Qi devices or when you simply want a wired connection, thanks to the Jeda Spacer.*

Independent Wires

Included with the Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger and Model Y Wireless Phone Charging kit are two removable micro USB cables and a Jeda Spacer. These can be replaced with longer ones to connect to the 12v socket for 15W ultra fast charging speeds.


Charging 7.5W-15W Non-slip TPE rubber Cable Length: 7.8 inches / 20cm Power Source: 5-12V Height: 6.5 in /165 mm Length: 0.2 in /6 mm Width: 5.9 in /150 mm Weight: 4.37 oz /124 g

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The Jeda Spacer is included in your order while buying a Jeda Wireless Pad. For a wired connection, the L shaped stock cables from Tesla are required.